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"Thank you so much for everything.  You should be very proud of the job you and your staff do.  We as a group of golfers really appreciate it!".....                  J. Hershoff     April 6, 1998


"I can't thank you enough for arranging our CapMAC Phoenix golf outings.  You arranged everything perfectly.  It is a pleasure to deal with you and know that we can book some of the premier courses in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area weeks in advance.   We and our clients thoroughly enjoyed the experience".

Thanks again for everything.  We all had a great time.  See you next year....       S.L. Foist, Senior Vice President   Febraury 24, 1998

   Golf Courses

"It was great news to hear the Phoenix Convention Bureau has contacted you to advise of a solution for handling the ever increasing requirements for visitors to Arizona.

Over the past years we have enjoyed a professional business relationship with your organization.  The integrity demonstrated by your staff is of the highest quality.  You have been a steady supplier of customers to our Golf Course; and your golf club rental program has been of tremendous importance to us in supplying our tournament needs.

Phil, your standards of customer service are exceptional.  We wish you continued success"....D. Raper, Director of Golf, ASU Karsten


"Throughout my years in and around the golf business, I have had the opportunity to work with various booking agents and golf tourism operators.  Phil Skirboll and Golf Xpress typifies how a professionally run golf booking company should operate.   Golf Xpress has many repeat clients due to the service Golf Xpress performs, and to the value they provide for their customers.".....             A. Short, PGS Head Pro, Rancho Manana Golf Club

"Grayhawk Golf Club has ben working with Golf Xpress since our inception and have enjoyed a good working relationship with Golf Xpress and the clients they have provided us.  Golf Xpress provides us with rental clubs for groups when our supply is depleted, which is a big help.  Golf Xpress is a professional organization that understands the guest services and hospitality people expect when they come to Arizona."..... W. Marshall, Head Pro, Grayhawk Golf Club

"I have been working exclusively with Phil at Golf Xpress since February, 1995. Phil is a professional in the way he handles his business, and his customers are happy with him and us as a  result.".....                                                            T. Duggan, General Manager/Director of Golf, The Foothills Golf Club

   Super Bowl XXX

"Congratulations!  This letter serves as acknowledgement that Golf Xpress has been entered into the Super Bowl XXX's vendor database and is now an official vendor."..... M. Samaniego, VP Business Development, Super Bowl XXX.   November 15, 1995

   Editor's Note

Our sincerest thanks to all who have taken the time to write such wonderful letters thanking us for our service. We are unable to publish all of them here, however, we will change the listing from time-to-time, so continue to check back and possibly see yourself in print!   Meanwhile, know that we are grateful for your appreciation of our efforts.   Your comments only serve to have us work harder to accommodate client's needs while visiting our beautiful state of Arizona.

Phillip Skirboll, Executive Director     January 13, 1999



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